La Loba Lucía

International Burlesque Performer

Who is La Loba Lucía?

She was raised by wolves and has adrenaline running through her veins: La Loba Lucia unleashes a wild cocktail of classic Bump’n’Grind and passionate Rock’n’Roll! Awarded „Burlesque Entertainer of the Year“ at the Newcomer competition of the Berlin Burlesque Week 2018, this sensual beauty is now whirling across international stages.

Act 1: 

Desert Storm

As the silvery moonlight covers the sleeping dunes of the desert in a smooth and shiny blanket, the creatures of the night are slowly coming to life...
Desert storm is a high-energy, award winning act whose initial tranquility builds up to an explosive climax.

Photo: Verena Gremmer

Act 2: Succubus

In ancient folkore a succubus is a female demon from the woods that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men. This sultry act combines the slow burn of heavy blues with all the glamour of classic Burlesque.

Photo: Brano Vartovnik

Act 3: 

The Cowgirl

With the Sin City styled Cowgirl things get rough and dirty. The high-voltage, fast-paced act is inspired by post-apocalyptic films, badass women and solid rock'n'roll.

Photo: Ben Copping

Act 4: A Classic Extravaganza

This 1920s-inspired fan-dance routine brings you all the glamour, pomp and elegance of the Golden Era. Watch this decadent femme fatale bewitching generous gentlemen for a good sip of champagne.

Photo: Daniel Paikov

Act 5: Rorschach

This dark and sultry Neo-Burlesque / Nerdlesque act is inspired by the character Rorschach from the graphic novel The Watchmen. Like the infamous Rorschach test in psychology, the central question this high-energy performance poses is "what do you see"?